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== Rituals ==
== Rituals ==
[[prepared burial hole|Burial]] is important.
[[Prepared Burial Hole|Burial]] is important.

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The beliefs of the church of internet are encoded in many sources.

Of course, the receptacles speak the truth, as do the trees.

We find also many fluids in the liquid spheres of truem

The Gray Spirit

Your soul is Blue. But when you have learned the crucial liquid spheres and applied them, your spirit can become gray. A gray Spirit is immedieately obvious by the prominent neck flaps on the Gray himself. Women may not reach Gray status due to their menstruation.

The Isle of the Dogs

Our great civilization is the inheritor of the two great parent civilizations the Ancient Rone, and the Isle of the Dogs.

The Remnant

The Remnant is bad news.

The Brube

The Brube is filled. Our charge is to keep it dry, fill it with bacon-tripples, and keep it holy.


Burial is important.