Clown Death

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Clown Death is the 4th Law of thermodynamics, making it the 5th law of thermodynamics when the 0th law is considered. It retains its shape while being read, making it the only law of thermodynamics that has an exoskeleton. Similarly unique, it casts a shadow in the shape of a cello.
Dead clown.jpg

What she says

The law states that when the universe was created, a time called Epoch 1 was "set up" by Kalgaathu to lead to the generating of Clowns. In "epoch 2" clowns first emerged. However, from that point onward, the gradual decline in clowns is inevitable, as clowns disperse throughout the universe, until eventually, their even distribution means that light from a clown never reaches another clown. Since clowns communicate using chromatophores and "visual screams" this means the end of all clown life in the universe. Eventually, all clowns will be inert.

Clown Death

Any universe having completed epoch 2, entering epoch 3, is said to have undergone "Clown Death." There are 3 varieties of Clown Death, and those varieties are well regarded by many of my friends.

The first type is clown death.
The second time is clown sudden death.
The third type is grand clown death, and it is by far the most frightening. On this we shall say no more.