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Author of the Dinosauriad trilogy, he first fediliated Kalgaathu.

Major Works

Upwards the Dinos

His first major work was "Upwards the Dinos", a speculative yet prophetic work about the idea that Dinosaurs might have jobs like we had, like for instance that they might be Accountants. However, they would be called Dinocountants, and would be paid only a 2/3 rate of what contemporary accountants earn (ca. 1927), due to dinosaur currency being more valuable than our own. It also supposed that maybe dinosaurs were capable of great heroism, as evinced by its hero, Tyson, the son of a Dinolice-man and a Dinoighschool Teacher.

He followed that with two more books, one about a dinosaur who falls in love with a different kind of dinosaur and their love breaks the majority of known boundaries, including the boundary of propriety (perhaps mainly the boundary of propriety). The third and final work in the trilogy was called simply "Booby-trapped Cube Prison". It was his most stark work, and dealt with a bunch of dinosaurs who wake up to find themselves in a cubical room full of booby-traps, no idea where their wallets are, and only enough "get out of Cube prison" cards for most of them. The work reaches a powerful frenzy of dinosaur philosophy as they find their wallets in a little grey bag.


Thinkconomics is a brilliant work of human observation, elucidating the mental science of Mindology, in a neat, three act dinosaur piracy tale of morality and discovering a moon where dreams (and nightmares) come true! This forms the basis of most of what we do to other people.