Blow, ye winds

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The great Khafebz of Irasia wrote the first of nearly seven drums full of invitational epics.

The first six hundred cantos deal with the protagonist, Ibn Tarq'liguliaguinio (Irasian for Mouthstache), and his attempt to arrive at a party. The second six hundred cantos deal with the best route to arrive at the party and avoid difficulties on the road. The climax comes when the poet ultimately invites you, the reader/listener/conveyant to the party. It all takes place encoded as a semi-trumpet metaphor, and the listener is meant to imply to the speaker that he understands what is going on with a series of kisses and superficial wounds.

Notable Quotes

"Blow, ye winds, through the trumpestuous buunal instrument. Blow, ye winds, and I'm actually having some friends over this weekend. Bring Your Own B. " Canto XXXXXXXX Alpha.

"And the channels of life, like mighty Briabon river flows, shall diverted be through the fingervalves, and valven fingerblows, but I'm not sure we have enough ice, a tunefull soul in empassioned throes, do you think you could possibly pick up some ice on the way over?" - 7th Un-Canto XX.3