Crivitt's Disease

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Something you can die from if you dry your clothes in a Huuge. It was first diagnosed by Crivitt Salvatore and Crivitt Weiss, hence "The two Crivitts's Disease".

Sufferer's of Crivitt's disease are treated in a Crivitt's Chair, using the process of tapiosis.

Every sufferer of Crivitt's disease is followed constantly by an Attendant, who is usually well hidden and undetectable.


the Origins of the big C are obscure, but it is believed that the existence of the disease solves a philosophical puzzle of some long standing. The problem is posed thus: L'Brondelle is all powerful and can do anything. If this is so, can he create a disease so virulent that he himself can not be cured from it? Since L'Brondelle is said to be suffering from Crivitt's disease, it is safe to assume that yes, he can create such a disease. And the fact that he has not cured it proves that he is indeed omnipotent.