Liquid spheres of truem

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The liquid Spheres of Truem are the True things, and an M is involved in some way. We can't be certain in what way, though, at first glance, the way appears to be in a spelling way. (example: Truem)

The Truem Spheres: liquid?

Are the spheres liquid? The answer might surprise you. More later.

Sphere 1

Chinese food has been with the Church of the Internet since we made the Chinese phase in 1927. Yet some people decided that after the ingestion of a Chinese food item (Kwon Lai) they would read their fortunes on a tiny scroll, and then add "in bed" afterwards, for a laughtertouch. Nay haroo, because it was written down betobble that you should not add “in bed’ at the end of a fortune cookie fortune. Instead, add either ‘for a living” or “against your will”. Trust me. Because i would not lie about this.

The other spheres

Where are they? And who is willing to look. Naruu, old charm.