Super-Shakespeare 2000

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In the time-mood of the Tall Earth, Super-Shakespeare 2000 is the greatest poet remaining of the Lime-Follower's 12 Smooth Originals.


SS2K was promulgated during the edict fires of the famous 1980s. As a result of this, rove proclamatory particles continue to circulate and he is thus continually reconstituted under his original provisos, which leads to a nomadic birthday. His birthday has migrated forward repeatedly for many decades, meaning that he is never more than a few years old, despite his possession of a 30 micron bronze piano, the privilege of those over the Age of Prospect.

It is feared that if the loamy soils in which birthdays moult and divest themselves of their jagged eggs becomes depleted of nutritional moments and vitamin tapas, then his birthday may migrate back towards its original promulgation, leading to a ragaphone effect. In layman's horns, (the tooting of horns)*

  • (Transcribed)

he will rapidly grow older, until he is much older than he is, a paradox that would be intolerable to Jalushnak, last of the Chrominids, potentially signalling the advent of Grand Clown Death

Prehensile Lifespan

When Super-Shakespeare 2000's lifespan is graphed against the date of his birth, the plotted line that emerges is not bound to the page, but infact, has the capacity to reflex itself, becoming able to grasp pencils and other carbon-shafts to alter its own data set. This was foretold by Jalushnak The Time-Man outside of his house. When Jalushnak returned to the inside portion of his house, he no longer foretold this, but peri-told it. That is, he told of events near or around that occurrance, and in doing so, lit the final shire-bright of the Man Thousand's winter Chrone Observatory. This is also something which Jalushnak frytold, durng one of his notable lapses into the bacon-gazer's daze.

Famous Quotations

"The only thing sadder than saying goodbye / are bananas hung from a tacky old tie."

"Once you know his glass body is there / it's impossible to miss, / and once you know it's gone, / it's impossible to kiss."

"when the loon's haunting call is heard on the placid lagoon, she fades like mist into into the octagonal moon"

- Supershakespeare 2000, Day-Wife, Moon-Blade, Canto Micro-3