Humantigorian Religion

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Humantigorianism is the false worship of the Humantigore, the half-man, half-mantis overlord of Fudge Mountain, who governs the candy forest with a sweetly ironic fist.

Principal Beliefs

The Humantigorian faith believes in the six crucial aspects of all things.

  • All Things are way out of control.
  • All Things are smaller than they used to be.
  • All Things are not black and white, but gray and white.
  • All Things are covered with a fine dust, and that dust is what connects us to the Humantigore.
  • There are two versions of you in the universe. And those versions are the "Golden You" and the "Beef You".
  • The Beef You is 50 lbs. heavy.

And the Other Two, which are secret until you've reached Theta Omicron 6.