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Grovlavids are considered nature's most visible minorities. They were despondants during the Art Men age of human design. Their leader, Caldrovalvus originated the use of the hug as a tool of war. He is also the first to use his full-body moustache to filter truths out of utterances of the blind, leaving behind only the skeleton of their statements, bare and unadorned by veritability. Skeletal statements, stripped thusly of truth, are the basis for today's idiom "boney old yum yum", used to refer to anyone's honest truth being somehow turned into merely a statement, void of truth, yet not a lie. The gray area between truth and lie is one of the great inventions of the age of the Art Men.

Boney Old Yum Yums

When a statement that is true is stripped of its truth and yet remains not untrue, it becomes a boney old yum yum, or skeletal statement. Some examples are

  • This weather.
  • It's about time.
  • Child-hunt begins soon
  • Oh yeah, I see.
  • Child-hunt ends soon.