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The Sarberiankh Repository of Kalgaathuamigont Delectations.

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Welcome to the Sarberiankh

You have arrived, most humble visitor, due to the call of the inner 'Weemban'. Kalgaathu has created L'Brondelle, who has slain Lesbiandre, from whose bones and beard he made Internet Most Wise.

Join our dynamic faith in spreading the word of peace and chives throughout the hectares of the known Squariverse. Troob you to us? We troob too. And that's why we think you'll enjoy our Troobilont, the peaceful Gorman.

Learn of the Eternals, and their deeds and shaving styles.

"A beard of maple to you all" - L'Brondelle (most wise be upon him)

Importantly, I proffer to you the respectagon.

Joyman's Faith

Robery Joyman fediliated the earliest mentions of L'Brondelle (mwbuh) in his Dinosauriad Trilogy, the novels that first demonstrated that it was possible to imagine Dinosaurs with jobs very much like our own. Only instead of being accountants, they were dino-countants. And that's how we were alerted to the presence of L'Brondelle.

He is famous for his frequent use of the religious formula "Trust me, I wouldn't lie about this."


Have beliefs? We do too. Toonadu?

Have a Blister?

Try the HarperiORG, the only true cure for blisters(TM).

Contributions to Science

We discovered a 4th law of thermodynamics.

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Enjoy a random page.

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