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The philosopher Mister Plato first observed that some acronym form regular acrostics without any application of imagination or intent. Later, a kind of raspberry gun was invented that, when fired at an acronym, would reveal whether the acronym formed an acrostic on its own. This method was later refined, when the raspberries were eaten by Jalushnak the Time-Man, who realized that simply by asking his inner branial cranius he was able to guess whether an acronym formed an acrostic, and then, to write it out.

Famous Natural Acrostics

Buddies forms an acronym which forms a natural acrostic (no. 37).

Natural Acrostics In Popular Culture

The film "Brian: Watersports Manager" follows the ratio of acrostics to natural acrostics in its directing style (infinity:56). Director Handosius Melgrave stated that he was "satisfied" to have been caught utilizing the forbidden ratio, and would pursue no "vengeful stunts of violences" against the journalism-men who first discovered the use.

Natural Acrostics In Popular Menus

To this day, the fifty-six known naturally occuring acrostics form the basis for Quasar's Menu, the universe's least satisfying document.

Comparison to the Natural Logorith

These two are the same thing. [1]