Two Bananas

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The precise number of bananas that are too many, according to Lord Byron's meal-sonnet "How many bananas?" the complete text of which has been sealed in the titanium learning cube for over 40 hours. The cube indicates no understanding yet of why two bananas is too many, and promises to continue to "cube-ponder" the problem. In the meantime, the cube has provided a temporary patch to reality, the "just one bananas" patch, allowing those of us with two bananas to view our total number of bananas as merely one. It is reportedly misleading. The phenomenon was first reported at the eating of the laces by Stringfellow and Jalushnak the Time-Man, and only later did Lord Byron's hordes steal the secret and return it to Thingolion.

The one Bananas Patch

Life, still in beta, has received a patch to overcome the two bananas phenomenon.

Whither thou, Banyananas

It is possible that Mister Shakespeare wrote of this phenomenon in his Shrieking Tapestry "Rotario Part 1 the 4th." Scholardi points to lines such as

"And yet thy lips are dangle-flaps

trapping lads of fruitmeat, independent
flesh-robes hiding toothcarls, the bone cohort
that through hostility can break the back
of Banyananas beige, flutey fruitpods,
bishopfingers. But now where hast thou piped,
longyellow, whither thou Banyananas?
Solitary gut guest, occupantal
mashed habitant, mateless, to wander down

and alone in oceans galling to drown."

The final speech of Timtamaria, Queen of the Clarinetophone, as she eats an unknown fruit seem to suggest that it is a Banana, and that bananas must never be eaten two in a row, and must be eaten "alone" and stay "mateless" and "solitary."