Day 09: The inner eye that sees hyper-sleds

futureccapeAfter waiting the handful of heartbeats 1, I processed my mental faculties toward the dais of my reason at the transcept of the cathedral of my mental mind brain. Thoughtfully i pondered my response. before me stood what I could recognize by aurolon visionscreaming was some kind of soldier. He pointed a metal Lloyd at me. Like the LLoyds of old. And his mantifarianisms were reviving ancient genetic memories in me, and some cellular memoirs. THe memories were of a vague and liquid kinship i amorphously drank with this man, and the memoirs were a lurid tale of a deception and raisins in an area referred to ironically as “not hollywood”. I employed a sequence of de-ironizers to convect the thought into sincerity. It was a place called Hollywood.

“Stay close to me”, uttered my companion, the time travelling ancient who was yet to exist. His inevitability suit had brought him to the ancient past, in the epoch of the Hawkmen, where we met. And from there, we travelled hurriedly back towards a further past, murkily obfuscated by the marshes of hollow time. A time of old humans, it appeared, and one of them was standing towards me, his skull’s most interesting surface pointed directly at me, and his shrieks and commincative waves pulsating into my nodes.

“Freeze it up, you bad fellows. You have totally been arrested, Dude. You’re post 9-11 days are mega-over, dawg.” Such peculiar language, and such taught glands. My flickering tendrils hungered to probe his soft pockets and play nutrient games with his syrup-apple. Anon.

He reached one of his symbiotic companions, from what i recall, called “arms”, toward his shoulder, where he pinched a talisman of some kind, speaking into it.

“I need like backup. THese total bozo guys are mega here right now, player. And i’m xbox360ing their playstation asses right as we currently speak, y’all. Hook a brother up with some back ups.” What happened next placed a 25% discount on my startlers. They were sold via quantum-ebay, and as they transitioned into their new owner’s lymph corridor, i felt startled.

“(ksht) Say again, hombre.” The talisman spoke back to him. It was more than a talisman, it was a sentient shoulder squid, capable of communicating directly with whatever primitive gods these ancients worsihped. Very well. As a superior man of the world yet to be, i slithered my body toward him and deduced that i could easily impress him with some of my technology, which to him would seem as magic did to the Huzbari of megralon 5. They hated magic. My plan’s flaw suddenly apparent to me, i decided not to stop, because of some kind of emotional inertia. I mean, i knew it wasn’t going to work, but, i already started slithering, and the stop slithering liscence required a 50$ deposit, and 3 guarantors who had never reconstituted a maturated ovoid via temporal distribution, revisited their past and attempted to change it only to make their present worse and wish they could take it back, created life that ultimately destroyed them, been “the shirt” in “shirtly games of conquest”, or hugged the face of a red dog. They basically made it impossible for you.

“My good man,” i shrieked.

“Woah, like. WTF broheim? What the F? What gnarly bod mods are you celebs gonna get next, like, dude?”


to be continued… .